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The Worldwide Lexicon is now online and is open to any website with an RSS feed (RSS is a popular syndication format used to share web content). If you have a website that you would like to publish in other languages, this is all you need to do to join the Worldwide Lexicon.

  1. Go to, add your site’s RSS feed address in the Add Feed form (please provide a direct RSS feed, services like Feedburner can cause the WWL service to function improperly).
  2. Your site will appear in the list of RSS feeds we are monitoring, and beneath it you will see several dozen 2 and 3 digit language codes (for example, Spanish is ES)
  3. Encourage your bilingual readers to go to to contribute and edit translations in their languages. Readers simply go to your site’s listing and then click the language code they want to translate to. From there, they go to a list of articles, and can view, create and edit translations.
  4. We publish translations via the web, and also provide RSS feeds, one for each language, that you can loop back to your website. The service is free, there is no cost to you or to your readers.
  5. Add the WWL logo with a link to to your site’s style sheet.
  6. Then join the Worldwide Lexicon Social Network and encourage your translators to do the same. Through this global online community you can meet people around the world, compare notes about interesting websites and articles, and get organized.

The WWL logo –> globe_medium_dots.png

Our test system is available to use today. We will be adding more features to it throughout the month. If you have suggestions, please email brian <at>

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Frequently Asked Questions…

What If I Do Not Have An RSS Feed?

Try Feedity. This service turns any standard website into an RSS feed. It does not work 100% of the time. But it’s pretty good.

My Language Is Not In The List Of Codes. Can You Add It?

Yes, currently have about 60 languages. Email brian <–.> and we’ll add yours.

Can You Translate From Other Languages To English (And Other Languages)?

Yes, the WWL website is still in English, but the system can translate from any language to any language. So if you have a favorite German website, you can add its RSS feed to the list and start translating.


2 Responses to Get Started

  1. Prachi Apte says:


    I’d like to help out with translations for your beta version. Besides English, I speak/read/write HINDI and MARATHI–two Indian regional languages.

    Prachi Apte.

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