Simple Localization System (SLS)

May 25, 2007

We’ll be demoing some fun new stuff at Foo Camp in June (and possibly one other conference). Watch for our WordPress plug in, coming soon.

We also figured out a simple, but very effective way to localize software and documentation. If you’re a software or web service publisher, read on to learn more. It’s a simple solution to a tricky problem, and will work real well with the new tools due out in the next month.

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WWL Welcomes Metalink Ltd

May 12, 2007

WWL welcomes Metalink Ltd, based in St Petersburg, Russia. Metalink is building a set of Javascript translation tools that can be embedded directly in a website, starting with a WordPress plug-in that will be available shortly. If you are looking for expert PHP developers to develop custom WWL applications for your website or service, we highly recommend them. For Ruby on Rails work, check out Elevated Rails, they’ve been working on our RSS tools.

As WWL grows, we are building a network of professional software developers to assist clients in embedding WWL techniques in a wide range of web publishing and information services. Watch for more announcements about WWL partners in the upcoming weeks.

Javascript Translation Widget

May 1, 2007

In a few weeks, we’ll be publishing a Javascript widget for web publishers. This tool will make it easy for website visitors to view, contribute and edit translations. The widget, which can be embedded in a style sheet or template like any other element (e.g. a banner ad), displays a list of the languages to which an article has been translated, and invites readers to contribute their own translations. If you’d like to test this translation tool, send an email to brian /at/ for more information.