How To Use WWL With Your Site

Using WWL to translate your website or blog is easy. Here are some suggestions to get the best results for your site.

  • Go to, add your site’s RSS feed to the list (Atom feeds do not seem to work yet)
  • Add a Translations link that appears at the footer of every article or blog post on your site. Use our logo with the caption “View And Edit Translations”
  • Promote WWL to your readers on your site and in email. Encourage them to participate in this experiment. Encourage them to invite bilingual friends to help out.
  • If you know how to import RSS feeds, you can read our feeds back into your site. This is a good way to create mirror sites in the most popular languages.

The key to success is to encourage your readers and their friends to contribute to this process. It’s easy and unless you are publishing a novel, it will only take a few minutes.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy the new service.


One Response to How To Use WWL With Your Site

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    hey great stuff

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