Worldwide Conferencing With Radio Handi

If you would like to create a community forum for your translators, check out Radio Handi. (DISCLAIMER: this is my day job). Radio Handi is a group communication service that enables people to create groups about any subject or peer group, and to communicate with each other via email lists, SMS (USA only), voice mail, and conference calls. The conferencing service is a local phone call in over 30 countries (and worldwide via Voice over IP).. You can use it to discuss the websites you are translating, and to conduct live calls with people around the world.


2 Responses to Worldwide Conferencing With Radio Handi

  1. JeyramoXRu says:

    Hello boys and girls 😉
    Anybody can give me link to the XRumer’s homepage?
    Or maybe some info…

    Thank you very much!!!

    P.S. Вот уроды…

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