Brought to you by Elevated Rails

January 30, 2007

elevatedrails.pngWe’re just about to begin beta testing our RSS+wiki translation service. Elevated Rails, a Chicago based Ruby on Rails consultancy developed the RoR version. ER also did most of the web development for Radio Handi, a global conferencing service (and my day job).

If you’re interested in implementing WWL services on your system, email Mike for more information. He can send you the code, or if you want, his firm is available to do custom development and integration projects. They do great work, and I highly recommend them.

If you are a  website or blog publisher and would like to join our beta test, email Mike to get started. Our beta test is by invite only for now. We will open the system for public registration in a few weeks.


Simple Disambiguation Tags For Web Pages

January 24, 2007

This short article describes a simple way to embed disambiguation tags within a web page using HTML comments. This technique, or something similar to it, would enable automatic translation systems (and human translators) to understand the intended meaning of a ambiguous word or phrase in a source text.

Worldwide Conferencing With Radio Handi

January 23, 2007

If you would like to create a community forum for your translators, check out Radio Handi. (DISCLAIMER: this is my day job). Radio Handi is a group communication service that enables people to create groups about any subject or peer group, and to communicate with each other via email lists, SMS (USA only), voice mail, and conference calls. The conferencing service is a local phone call in over 30 countries (and worldwide via Voice over IP).. You can use it to discuss the websites you are translating, and to conduct live calls with people around the world.